Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mwapoleni Mukwai!!

Hey all - So I have been away for a month the time flys - Everything is still wonderful... a few folks have headed home allready, one has had Malaria, many have spent time with the black hole -equivalent of the porcelain god), and we've continued to take the assault of pokes and prods from the vaccination team (and yes fellow rehabbers I am now rabies vaccinated! - i think I was the only volunteer to be psyched about recieving those shots!), I had my first language simulation yesterday - and surprisingly enough I almost swung a perfect score (which by no means indicates that I could get by out in the bush)...soon I will be fluent though - just in time for all of you to come and visit!
Hmmm...what else...we have just been doing the same old things...biking to our lessons on worn out rutted foot paths, learning about trees, forestry, composting, agriculture, and language.... Tuesday is craft day!!! I can't wait... you can never know too many crafting skills. time I write i will make sure it is interesting - i promise - if youre lucky i'll have some stories to tell! Well I hope to hear from you all soon - Tukalamonana!


At 9:21 PM, Blogger juliethegoof said...

Wow brette! it sounds fun. nice job on the language learning! You're a smart girl and I'm so happy you're staying healthy. I miss you a lot but good to hear you're having fun! What kinds of crafts are you making? That's funny because I'm doing an Arts and Crafts class this week with kids! Tomorrow we're making turtles~~ love you ~~julie

At 10:52 PM, Blogger juliethegoof said...

hey brette. thanks for your letter today. i loved it! sounds like you are having an experience of a lifetime! you are inspiring! look for a letter from me soon. love you, miss you, julie


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