Sunday, July 23, 2006

Random Thoughts from the head of Brette

*Any english word will suffice for a childs name*
Names encountered thus far: Precious, Blackson, whiteson, greatboy, memory, gift, battery, maybe

*The definition of food expands to new realms*
caterpillars, whole kapenta, the slimiest okra imaginable, and of course rats a mice
(I have only tried the caterpillers - pretty oily and crunchy - not recommended)
beer comes in a box....or in sketchy reusable antifreeze looking jugs :(

*Wildlife Encounters (a rarity)*
- Large...large spiders... just wall guys so not to worry...but did I mention their large!
- Huge red ants with gigantic and strong mandibles - once these suckers bite down you can't even flick them off... (they created quite the entertainment as we were jigging around in the garden trying to get them out of our trousers)
- 1 Spitting Cobra - though I didn't see this gem... one of my fellow trainees had it spit in his face (sorry no pictures for you Aunt Sue!)

*Topics Covered recently*
-animal husbandry - beekeeping- shistosomiasis- rabies- economics/politics of Zambia- small business development/income generating activities -

Covering this week - solar drying, storage bins, fuel efficient stove making, jam making, more bee keeping!

*Recent nightlife activities (altering my nightly bed time of 8:30!)*
-One crazy night at the disco (sketchy men, expensive beer, and clubbin music)
-World Cup (I've never watched so much of any sport in my life...I think watching the world cup was like the national pass time for the last couple months)
-Cooking burritos and Spaghetti for the homestay family (not the easiest thing to do on a charcoal brassier)
-Sitting out and watching the stars - the milky way has never been so visible - I wish i knew some constellations
-Family dinners at the Mansa (Provincial) house - You can never have too many potlucks.

So yeah...those were just some random has been good...I successfully survived my two environmental ed classes - teaching 70 7th graders the first time and about 25 too cool for school 9th graders the much for my hatred of public speaking! Oh man...and for all you UNHers...I got to the Provincial house for site visit (Zambia has 9 provinces so the folks in that province share a house when they get a chance to go into town)...anyway...I get there...get off the bus...and there is Gregg (I don't know his last name) but he graduated in 04 - was in the outting club and knew many of you all. Matty Tom and Julie - he knew our apartment! I just found it ironic. Man I need to run...but miss you all and talk to you later.


At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Aunt Sue said...

Thanks for leaving out the snake pics--I'd never read the blog again if it were illustrated

Stay safe, be happy, wish you were coming home soon--we all miss you


Aunt Sue and Uncle Ben


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