Friday, May 30, 2008

The end nears

May is finally coming to an end and I am still struggling with the fact that it is 2008 already. Time is flying by – the rainy season has come and gone – I have travelled once again to Zanzibar and experienced the musical fusion of Sauti Za Busara – I finally got to show some visitors around as Kev, Jason, and Sally experienced a bit of Africa - I said goodbye to my neighbors and friends and moved myself out of my home leaving it open and welcoming to my amazing Peace Corps replacement – life has been beyond busy with the array of programming being organized at PARVEN Foundation – and I now find myself a Province away helping to administer a food security survey in Northern Province.

I am trying to wind down my stay here…tie up loose ends…and prep myself for the sad departure which is fast approaching. It really is amazing to think about the days when I was just packing to come here…the anticipation…dread…hopes (a crazy array of emotions) – and literally all those same emotions are back again…readjusting to life at home will probably be just as difficult as finding my feet here…

Ahh…the sounds of a choir practicing floats into the room…as the curtains blow in the ‘cold’ season’s breeze. That it just one of many things I will miss when leaving this place…the singing is beautiful – a melody of differing octaves – not the same ‘perfect’ voices we require for singing in America. Here, the imperfections, the off tunes, the variation is what makes the music so rich and full of life.

What else have I been up too?... Ive been sewing quite a bit both on the old manual foot powered machines and on an ancient electric beauty. The women I work with are impressed that a white girl can sew her own clothes, and without a pattern (it makes me smile). I got to do a community service activity with some kids I work with which involved repeatedly picking up and dropping a cement filled paint can (we were filling pot holes with minimal 'means') - that was fun! hmm...ill have to get back to you with more...times running low...

I have figured out that I will be done here mid August and will be taking a freighter home...probably from Amsterdam into Cleaveland!

Shaleni Bwino


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