Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And the Wait Begins –
I have to say that my two weeks in America land proved to distract me from the true reality of ‘life’ – or that which is my life for these two years. I once again grew comfortable with the reliability of transport, the accessibility of food, music, anything and everything I could ever want or need, short cues at the bank (not to mention personal space in any cues), the smell and soothing beauty of the ocean... it was a nice refresher! Thanks to everyone who came to visit on such short notice...you kept me busy...too busy really. Now I have returned to a life busy in its own respects but also full of waiting. Waiting hours for meetings to start, pacing anxiously for key organizations to arrive in order to start programs (3 hours late in the case of the recent Mutomboko Ceremony Voluntary Counseling and Testing Mobilization!!!), or coming to grips with the anger when people decide not to show up at all - such is life here.

Elly and I were 'successful' at the VCT event - getting 29 people tested. Of the main leaders who had agreed to attend, only three of the local Counselors showed (and of those three, and the other community members, I am proud). The event included a dance and drama group from the provincial capital, VCT, speeches, and singing...Overall it was smaller than I had hoped... and we did have to wait the 3 hours for the dance group and the testing organization to arrive...but it was nice.

Since then my neighbor, Elly, has been pulled from the village (her two years is up) and I have met her replacement as well as all the other new volunteer soon to start their service. It is crazy that a year has passed allready...that so many old faces are leaving...and so many new ones coming in.

The student camps start this week...though I dont consider myself remotely religious...if you feel inclined to pray for me...i might need all the help i can get to make it through two weeks of crazy hectic teenage filled chaos - at least with my sanity still intact. I'll report back on how it goes!

Then there is a week to prepare for more students and chaos at the Girls Career Week....ahhh....I should be working now instead of talking. Love you all and miss you much!

Happy 21st R!!!! and Congrats Chrissey and Curt!!!!


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