Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On my Own

Cungulopo Ulupwa lwandi na fibusa (good evening family and friends - I think anyway)
The time has finaly come when I will be heading out to my village - alone... Exciting and scarey at the same time. Training has been fun and very tiring so I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy the first few relaxing and unfilled months at site - I plan to read, sew, cook, and meet the town - and swim at the waterfalls of course. I may attempt my hands at poultry production (seeing as a chicken house is allready at site), and possible meet up with the local bee keepers...who knows what else!
This past week, at our goat roast, we were lucky enough to get a glimpse at a traditional female initiation ceremony filled with amazing dancing (hip movements that just don't seem physically possible)...and you all would have gotten a laugh when I was dragged to the floor in front of the 50 + other folks to try my skill at it...let me say I was probably as red as a legs were shaking with nervousness and I definitely probably just looked like a stiff board swaying from side to side in comparison. You should check some other folks blogs for pictures - they may have some - or maybe you shouldn't !
Anyway...happy birthday to Matty and Julie!!! I won't be in town to call or email you on your special days but I wish you the best and will try to get some snail mail to you. My address has changed for anyone that wants to send a letter my way
PO Box 710150
Mansa , Zambia

I would love to hear from you all and have ample time to write back - think how popular you would look getting mail from Africa.

I miss and love you all... and will be updating with some probably crazy stories in a month when I come back to town.


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